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News: Restructuring of Malbranque

Malbranque plant has its origin from 1949 when Marcel Malbranque founded a valve manufacturing plant in Illies France (approx 20 km from Lille). Very quickly the strategy of the company is oriented towards the Oil & Gas industries and the famous logo MM appears on all the valves designed and produced by the company.

Today Malbranque is recognised worldwide for the quality of the gate, globe and check valves, from 2" to 66" in diameters, from 150 to 2500 lbs ratings. Malbranque is also producing well head equipments including very high pressure choke valves and x-mas trees for very severe sour gas services.

Special alloys and steels are used for the various applications in the Oil & Gas markets, both upstream and downstream (refineries and LNG plants), and the Energy market for high pressure and high temperature uses